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Prenatal Massage – A Wonderful Relief for Expectant Mothers

Massage Therapy Information

Prenatal massage is a great modality to learn and specialize. However, it is also a very challenging time and stressful time, both mentally and physically. The body is adapting to the life growing inside with all the hormonal and physical changes. As the pregnancy progresses, the body starts to ache and pregnant women start to get backaches, headaches, leg cramps, stiff necks, swollen feet, etc. just to name only a few of the myriad of problems associated with pregnancy. All these physical problems and pressure from her growing belly also make it harder to sleep at night. As a massage therapist who specializes in prenatal massage, you can help ease these pain and discomfort and make an expectant mother feel so much better.

Benefits of Prenatal Massage
A prenatal massage has many benefits for the mother-to-be. The gentle massage can help ease the soreness and stiffness of tight muscles. Long gliding strokes help the circulation of the blood and lymph flow to deliver nutrients throughout the body, reducing the cramping of the muscles, which can be terribly painful. A massage during pregnancy also reduces the stress on the weight-bearing joints such as the ankles, back, and pelvis. A pregnancy massage is relaxing and soothing, which helps ease an expectant mother’s stress and anxiety, calming her nervous system. Massage therapy can do so much for pregnant women.

When she is more relaxed mentally and physically, she will be able to sleep better at night. Sleeping is important to the health of both mother and baby. Also, a massage will improve the elasticity of the skin, thereby reducing the appearance of stretch marks that are so common with pregnancy. Not only will she feel better, but she’ll look better too! You’ll be a hero in her eyes!

Specializing in Prenatal Massage
Being a prenatal massage therapist is a great way to increase your salary and help someone in need. You can stand out from other massage therapists because you know more than just the basic Swedish massage therapy.

Some massage therapy schools may offer certification in prenatal massage, but most will just have a prenatal massage class as part of their curriculum. You should learn how a woman’s body changes during pregnancy and the different stages of pregnancy. You should also be aware of the contraindications. Massaging a pregnant client is different than a normal massage client, as you will need to massage them in a side-lying position during the massage session.

A mom-to-be may be so thrilled with you providing them relief that they might become a repeating customer throughout their pregnancy. And don’t just stop at massage during pregnancy, you can offer to provide them with pain-reducing massage therapy during labor and a postpartum massage as well! A prenatal massage is a wonderful stress and pain reliever expectant mothers and a modality that you should consider specializing in.

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